Thursday, February 21, 2013

Silverado Steak House - Las Vegas, NV

Another night out in Las Vegas means... another Melissa Good Taste post. Welcome the Silverado Steak House. Cowboy Ron ordered another excellent bottle of wine. This was my favorite. I need it add it to my mental catalogue of wines to buy.

I wasn't feeling very good this evening so I figured I might stick with soup and maybe an appetizer. This was the Lobster Bisque and it grossed me out even more. Even looking at the photo right now seems to upset my stomach.

Scott ordered the Beef Medallions and they had a trio of sauces. He said it all was just ok. I knew what he meant. I was feeling pretty blah at that moment as well.

So I ordered the Crab Cocktail and it was perfect. The right amount of food for what I was wanting, I ate bite by bite and was so satsified. It totally undid the bad soup.

I, Melissa Good Taste, was going to skip dessert but Ron went ahead and ordered it for me. I was secretly happy that he did because it was outstanding. Go Cowboy Ron.

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