Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday Eats

I had a lot of fun preparing my Super Bowl menu this year. Although there were only going to be three of us I wanted a medley of food so we did not get bored eating through on large mass of food. So on that note let me introduce you to me... Watch!
I decided to do a video blog because I though I needed to jazz up a post or two! What do you think?

I walked you through the main sauce and the mixture part of the Asian Salad Won Tons but I didn't finish and show you the frying of the won tons in oil, topping with chopped peanuts and a drizzle of balsamic. FYI: I thought the salad mixture was a little dry so I added a bit more ponzu and lime juice. You decide what is enough for you! I got really busy in the kitchen and I didn't have time to video, you know how it goes!

The final product! It was delicious, I for see make this my go to appetizer for parties and warm summer evenings. They reminded me of summer.

Speaking of summer, these will be my new designer cocktail - Recipe exclusively made by Melissa Good Taste herself. I was given a very large bag of dried apricots from my Dad. I portioned some off into the freezer and fridge for ready use.

So I took one bag out and reconstituted the apricots in a bath of water and agave nectar under a low flame until the apricots started to become mushy. I pureed them in my blender and then used the puree to flavor my Apricot Margarita. Drink of the day. Two ounces of tequila, 1 ounce of triple sec, juice from two limes, a dollop of puree, ice and whirl away.

It makes the most refreshing drink ever. Thank you Dad!

While i had the apricots out i rolled them up with an almond inside and bacon on the outside. Twenty minutes at 400 degrees really plumped up the dried apricots into a soft creamy center. Who doesn't love bacon?

I love the cactus plant creation in my kitchen. Sometimes I overwater it and a few plants die but I think it is beautiful. Ok onward...

I whipped up my potato salad earlier in the day and put it in these convient little pots. It made for easy serving and even easier clean up. Love that! I wish I paid a little more attention to my measurments when making this because both Kat and Scott swore it was one of the best things they had all day. I do have to say one thing that was different and new to me to use was: Pimentos. I have never used them but maybe that was the secret weapon.

This would be my Fried Chicken drenching station. Eggs, hot sauce, water on the wet side. Self rising flour, pepper and house seasoning on the dry. It was a messy job but who doesn't love a crispy piece of chicken?

They had their hot oil treatment at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes. 

Yummy yummy. They came out golden delicious, fried up heaven. I was pretty proud of my first ever chicken frying experience. Go Me!

As if we were not full enough... I finished off the night with Red Velvet Cupcakes stuffed and swirled with cream cheese frosting. A big glass of milk and two of these bad boys sent me off to a sleepy dream land. The kitchen was clean, food put away and I was done!

Cheers to the 49ers being Reserve World Champions - Come on, the glass is half full!

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Thanks for the plug! You are the next food network star!