Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Winchesters - Ventura, CA

Winchesters is located on Main Street in Downtown Ventura. They have an incredible outdoor seating area that is perfect for people watching. It is one of my favorite things to do, especially in eclectic Ventura so we took a seat and ordered a draft Newcastle.

We arrived at the restaurant already famished so right away Scott ordered deep fried Duck Strips with fries to get us started. He is an adventurous little foodie! They were amazingly delicious, dare I say even better than chicken? The fries sealed the deal - totally satisfying. The honey mustard had a kick to it, made us helplessly addicted and requested more from the waitress.

This is where things go downhill. I hear pork sandwich and think, "oh yeah" and order it without question. It was over cooked pieces of pork cutlets that were like shoe leather. The tried to mask it with barbecue sauce but nothing could have saved this fail. The sweet potatoes chips were not quite crisp, but chewy and needed salt.

The same complaint for over cooked, tough meat was the same for Scott's Tri-tip. It was a disappointing end to a great start at Winchesters.

Did we order the wrong things? Should we have complained to the waitress? I know she didn't cook the food but I think she needed to know. I didn't say anything that day and now I regret it. A restaurant cannot survive on one time diners, it takes a loyal following coming back for great food to succeed. I didn't do my part. 

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