Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Don Vitos - Las Vegas, NV

 Cowboy Ron and his horse, Scamper had a really good show. He had one awesome run on Saturday night and so after we bathed and wrapped up Scamper we went to Don Vito's to celebrate.

Celebration cocktails.

Ron always knows the best wine to drink - Ruffino Chianti was the choice this evening with our Italian meals.

Instead of butter they bring our roasted garlic. I ate it up like it was candy, sans the bread.

My favorite part of the salad was obviously the anchovies! 

Kat ordered the Sea Bass - I was torn on ordering it but I am glad I didn't. Keep reading to see what I got! Yum, yum!

Ron had the Osso Bucco with mushroom risotto. It looked lovely. There isn't anything much better than braised meat.

Scott had the Lobster Milanese - Deep Fried Lobster in a wine butter sauce. Holy moly doesn't that sound heavenly? He enjoyed it but said his lobster is better. He does whip up a mean lobster tail!

And mine, the crown jewel - Seafood Risotto. It was fantastic! It also came in a small portion which was perfect because it was so rich and decadent. I ate one forkful and smile at a time, pacing it so slowly in hopes the dish would never come to an end. Do you ever do that? I do it, a lot.

Tiramisu for the table - bites for everyone.

Viva Las Vegas!

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