Friday, November 30, 2012

Eats from the 831...

I had this same exact meal three times while visiting my family at home. The shredded beef enchilada with rice and beans from Dona Ester's Restaurant in San Juan Bautista is what I crave most from home. I have been eating it for 30 years and I hope it stays around for another 30!   

I also had an outstanding plate of Crab Enchiladas in cream sauce from The Whole Enchilada. They are almost crispy so they are more like taquitos but the cream sauce is what is absolute heaven. 

I have had a craving for Seaweed Salad lately. It is actually good for you so I am proud of myself for having one healthy habit! My mom and I went to Pearl Sushi in Gilroy for a farewell meal to her favorite sushi chef, Teddy. He is moving to Samuri in Oakland. 

A shared Sugar Mama roll for us and we were totally content. One roll yields a lot of food!

My sister, bro-in-law and I enjoyed a brewskie at the new brewery in Hollister - Hollister Hills Brewery. I had the house blonde and it was very good.

And when I saw they had stadium nachos on the menu I just had to have them. They are the best!

Eats from home are the best, somehow the food always tastes better when you only get to enjoy them a couple times a year!

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