Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Real Thanksgiving 2012

I went up north to visit my family on Thanksgiving Day and a few days after that. Our holiday was a little different this year as we had our meal at my brother's house because my parent's house is under going a huge remodel. My brother has a little ranch house so seating for twelve was quite tricky. We made it work though and just squeezed in a little tighter than normal at dinner. 

After we put the turkey in we had some time to nibble on cheese and crackers and visit. We didn't do much in way of appetizers this year, we wanted everyone to have an appetite for dinner.

In between bites of cheese I couldn't help but document just how col my boots were. 

The Thanksgiving Day Parade is always a must in our family. We have it on while we cook and socialize but mostly because it is just tradition.

 I was put in charge of the gravy and let me just express on how important this job is. I love gravy and a lot of it so if I didn't pull it off it may have ruined the day. It turned out fine despite that the turkey did not give out as much pan juices as we would have liked. my mom cooked in my brother's new ovens and probably didn't have them figured out as well as she had hoped.

I will label this photo the "Three Amigos". Frank is a family friend and has been enjoying holidays with my family as long as I can remember. 

My plate of gravy with some food on the side! The turkey was moist and delicious! The mashed potatoes were packed with rutabagas and parsnips for an extra amount of nutrition for our healthy bodies! The stuffing and cranberry sauce were solid. And my sister really came through with excellent sides of caramelized brussel sprouts and a sweet potato cassarolle.

My cousin's daughter turned two so we celebrated a birthday n the house too! 

Berry tart was the ending to this meal for me.

I was so proud of my Mom for pulling off another holiday. She has hosted a wonderful holiday for my whole family to enjoy year after year without complaint. I think it is a tradition that has been passed on to me because I have a craving to host it next year. Stay tuned for that extravaganza!

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