Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Deer Lodge - Ojai, CA

I am sure you have heard or read about the Deer Lodge somewhere. It was where Robert Pattinson took refuge when his darling Kristen Stewart broke his heart with cheating rumors. It is one part mountain retreat, biker haven and foodie paradise all wrapped up in one. I have to admit I have been slow on the review of this restaurant because it is always packed with Harley loving dudes on the weekends so I have avoided it due to the crowds. It being a Thursday night with my two girlfriends I figures, now or never!

I have been on search for the Perfect Bloody Mary and this one came close. They served it with a crisp piece of bacon! Love! The spicy mixture was fantastic and this one goes straight to the top of my Bloody Mary polling.

This is my friend Krissi, she works for our cutting horse operation and is the most loyal friend a girl could have. She is modeling her order of Pork Chops, sweet potato mash and sauteed zucchini and squash. I tasted her meal and it was delicious!

Kat - Scott Weis Cutting Horse employee as well, went for a small plate of the Cowboy Meatballs. Topped with plenty of cheese made this a comforting skillet of meat!

And here I am! I ordered the Fried Chicken with mashed potatoes and jalapeno cornbread. The only thing missing? The gravy. I wish that it was served with some because it was lacking a sauce with all the carbo loading. 

We then wandered through town and spun ourselves around the dance floor at The Hub. Scott has been out of town so it was nice to have with the girls keep me company. Will I return to The Deer Lodge? Of course, Scott has got to try one of those Bacon Bloody Mary's! 


Buckaroo Barbie said...

That's hilarious! My sister Adrian is a singer and we both spent our early childhoods in Ojai...and The Deer Lodge was one of the first places she played in Ojai! I haven't been in years, have to go give the food a try! Thanks for the reminder! :)

caninecologne said...

omg, RPattz! That's right, that's the place he went to forget about KStew!

Looks like they have great food here!