Monday, November 19, 2012

Mother to my children...

A good mother is not supposed to have favorites but these two are my little buddies...

Winnie Weis has won more than her fair share for me these past two years. She is beautiful, a complete diva and likes her food. I would say she takes right after me but then that would just be me feeling overly confident! She has won over $50,000 and I couldn't feel more proud in being her owner.

And this little mongrel is Willy "The Weiner" Weis. he came to use on a jet plane from the great state of Texas. He is all Californian now enjoying the lazy days on our porch enjoying Taste of the Wild dog food, chasing black cats and sleeping until noon everyday. He came into this family with much hesitation from Scott but I know now he couldn't live without him.

Scott's kid's are Buster and Flaco right now. They do manly things outside in the dirt. They work cows, sling dirt and get sweaty. As for Winnie, Willy and I? We enjoy being prissy.

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