Thursday, November 1, 2012

Il Cortile - Paso Robles, CA

Scott Good Taste, my wonderful husband, scouted out new restaurant for our troops to try - Il Cortile located at 608 12th Street. He had heard it was a fantastic restaurant and we decided to give it a roll. 

Upon sitting at the table, an olive and sun dried tomato spread was brought out to for us to enjoy and whet our appetites. 

Cowboy Ron is our go to guy for all things vino and he delivered! Turley Vineyard always puts out fantastic selections. Try your favorite red as soon as possible!

Our appetizers came out in unison starting with seared Scallops on a bed of parmesan fonduta and a healthy drizzle of truffle oil. If you order just one of these appetizers, order this! You will not be disappointed.

The pan roasted Quail was our second option and I feel like it was cooked nicely and the sweet wine reduction sauce was delicate but it was not my favorite. I would pass on a second order only because their were other things on the menu I would like to explore.

We did a mozzarella tasting of burrata, di bufala and di giola del colle. This was fantastic of course, I am a sucker of cheese. Order this and just bask in all things gooey, creamy and decadent.

Cowboy Ron and Scott Good Taste ordered the Beef Cheeks Ravioli and they loved it so much that they even asked for bread at their last bite to suck up the sauce. It was the same reduction that was served with the quail so it was just beyond fantastic.

Melissa Good Taste will never pass up a seafood special so the Sea Bass with pesto and served over a Garden Risotto. Um... hello fabulous! It was just what I was craving and confused me into thinking I was eating something healthy! I loved it.

Panna Cotta was ordered by myself and I tried not to share a single bite with the boys! I enjoyed this so much, it almost cured my creme brule craving.

The Molten Chocolate Cake was an excellent finish to our meal. The right amount of chocolate with our last sips of wine. This restaurant was beyond fabulous, it gave all the major restaurants in town a run for their money. We will be back to discover the rest of their menu very soon. 

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Anonymous said...

Definitely the foodiest place in town. $$$. Wines all seem to be $15+ a glass. I like the octoous appetizer, but it's not for everyone!