Friday, November 16, 2012

Date Night x2 - Ojai & Ventura, CA

Scott and I do everything together. We work all day side by side at our cutting horse training facility. Whether it be me prepping horses he is about to tune on, us in the office invoicing and paying bills, or me attempting to drive a stick so he can feed cows in the pasture. In the evenings we usually come in and I serve up something that has been slow cooking all day so it is easier on me at the end of the day. We unwind by watching our favorite television shows and head to bed pretty early. That is our life. But for two days in a row now we have gone on date night! TWO in a row - wow. Wearing my snappy pancho, that Scott purchased for me let we walk you through our evenings...

The first night was sushi and a movie and I was totally content with that because I am always in the mood for sushi. This time we went to Sakura Sushi, on the opposite side of town, we have two sushi restaurant selections in Ojai. I started with a seaweed salad because I really love the stuff. I have heard that it is very good for your skin so it is the least I can do in consideration for all the abuse I do by being outside so much!

 When we go to sushi I do the ordering, Scott never knows what to get. I ordered a Cajun Tuna Roll and it was not very good. I put that in my memory of what not to order for next time. Then we shared a Baked Salmon Roll - Just a basic California Roll with baked salmon on top. Nothing fancy but there was a creamy sauce that really just made it luxuriously wonderful.
Next up, our movie for the evening. We went to Ojai's one screen playhouse to watch the new James Bond movie. It really wasn't that good. I sat entertained but I felt like Pierce Brosnan was a much  better Bond. At least more handsome anyway...


 Date Night #2 followed the very next night in hopes we would have better food and movie. So off to Ventura we go...

I like sweet and salty so we ordered a bag of buttered popcorn, dumped in some Peanut M&M's and I went to town. We got to the movie a little early so I finished the bag before the previews started, don't you hate that?!

Judging from the movie selection being about surfing you can see Scott picked the movie. I didn't mind because the movie was shot in my old stomping grounds of Santa Cruz so a lot of the scenes were familiar to me. Who doesn't remember Pleasure Pizza if you are from the 831... Anyhow, it was about surfer Jay Moriarity and rise to surfer stardom. Very inspirational story, date night redeemed!

We then walked a few blocks to Cafe Fiore and each ordered a salad. I went for Arugula and Beet because it has always been amazing there. No disappointments from me. A light dinner was what I was craving after stuffing myself with all that popcorn!

We made the 30 minute drive back home from Ventura just in time to watch the Bobby Flay Thanksgiving Throw Down against Ree Drummond - Pioneer Woman. Also on the show was Missy, Ree's sister in law, which I thought was really cool. She shows cutting horses just like we do! Well, the cowgirls ended beating Mr. Flay - Yee haw! 

Our two date nights in a row kind of exhausted me. Good thing I am an old married lady now! What are you guys making for dinner tonight? I need some ideas to get inspired for my next creation!

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