Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Jimmy's Pub - Ojai, CA

We have been wanting to try Jimmy's Pub inside the Ojai Valley Inn for quite some time now. We heard it was a great place to watch a sporting event and enjoy the beauty the Inn has to offer. The 49ers were playing Monday Night Football last night so we decided it was the perfect time to try it out. Upon our walk to the pub we came across this fantastically lit up oak tree. The photo does not do it justice as to how stunning it actually was!
We got to the pub after the first quarter to see the 49ers spanking the Bears. The game continued on with that theme throughout dinner. Go 49ers!

They brought out home made chips. I wolfed down the first serving almost solo and when the waitress brought over a second helping Scott shoo'ed her away. He knows I am completely defenseless against stuff fried in oil. 

The most original thing on the menu that inspired me to order it was the Crab Roll. Served with copuous amounts of dungeness crab, avocado, rueben dressing, diced red onions, lettuce served on a pretzel roll. It was good, not great. it lacked that special something to make it out of this world. It came with too much lettuce on the sandwich making it hard to eat with your hands, I gave up and just used my fork to pick out the delicious crab. The onion rings too were not crunchy and crisp how I desire but merely soft and chewy.

Scott ordered a cheeseburger and unfortunately he too was a bit underwhelmed. In his words, "It was just a burger." We both came to the conclusion nothing was bad but more like the food you would get from room service. We were at a hotel after all...

Scott ordered a couple Honey Blonde Ales through dinner and I forwent one so I could have a Pumpkin Pie Martini for dessert. it was outstanding. Worth $14? Probably not. But still, it was like Thanksgiving in a glass. Scott didn't want to feel left out so his scoop of ice scream and chocolate sauce made its way to our table.

It was an expensive meal for pub fare but you are paying for atmosphere. The country club is beautiful and the staff very accomidating. I would return with hopes of ordering off the upstairs menu. I have heard it is possible to do so and would prefer to order off The Oaks menu. It has more entrees suited to my tastes so I am sure next time it will be a much better culinary experience.

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