Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Whole Enchilada - Moss Landing, CA

The Scott Weis Cutting crew put the horses up from the horse show and drove over to the coast. I picked to eat at The Whole Enchilada over Phil's Fish Market because the food and service trumps it. I made a reservation earlier in the day for right people and I was glad that I did. The place was hopping. The chips and salsa are good, we devoured a basket in no time flat.

The margaritas come out jumbo sized so we sipped and sipped, barely making a dent into this "fishbowl" of a glass. 

First up with Cowboy Ron and Pete's Seafood Enchiladas. I thought about ordering this but I knew a secret about ordering at The Whole Enchilada. Want to know what it is? Order off the Special Menu always! These are a regular menu item so I knew they would be just okay. Ron and Pete seemed happy but I knew my enchiladas were coming up and they would blow this order out of the water!

Lisa ordered the Fish Tacos. They are also on the regular menu but she seemed to like them. It is hard for a place to ruin Fish Tacos. On second thought, I take that back.  

This is what Scott and I ordered. He is getting smart and copying what I order, he knows I have good taste - hence the name! Enchiladas Adobadas with Dungeness Crab Meat is what I want to be served as my last meal. Think crab meat with chipotle and adobo fried in a corn tortilla, then topped with a lobster cream and served with a side of guacamole. Rice and beans were served with the meal but I didn't even think twice about them because I was too busy lapping up the delicious sauce.

My dad ordered the Steak Arrahero and he virtually had his own "Build your own Burrito" station set up. There is nothing wrong with that. Mix, match and customize your burritos - fun!

Kat is a sucker for a good tamale so when she saw on the Special Menu that they were serving Camaron Chon she knew that is what she wanted. House made corn tamal on a banana leaf, filled with prawns, spinach and cheese topped with a cream cilantro lime sauce. Holy moly explosion of flavors. She pretty much licked the plate too.

The Whole Enchilada is the place to go in Moss Landing. Order off their Special menu and you will not be disappointed the owner of the restaurant will most likely wander by your table, ask how dinner was and hand you a California Lottery Quick Pick on your way out. It is a special place and I look forward to eating there every time I am in the area.  

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