Saturday, July 28, 2012

Papasito's Cantina- Fort Worth, TX

One of the things I love most about my stay in Fort Worth during the horse shows is watching all the finals during the competition. This night it was the Non Pro 5/6 Finals and it was sure to be good watching.

Cowboy Ron, Scott, my Mom and I all picked before hand who we thought would win. My Mom and I tied and we went out to dinner to celebrate afterwards.  

 We decided to go to Papasito's because I had never been there and I am cuckoo for Mexican food. The salsa was outstanding. They served both red and green. It was better than Chevy's, Chile's and On The Border, no comparison.

The margaritas are big and tasty. They do their job well! 

We ordered an appetizer to sample what the restaurant had to offer. On the left was Queso Blanco, it was thick and kind of tasted like plastic. Not my favorite. The middle was Guacamole and it needed some flavor, very bland. So we mixed in their good salsa with it and, voila! Magically delicious. The last one was the best. Pineapple Pico de Gallo with Shrimp. It tasted tropical, refreshing and totally exotic. This is a must order!

 Scott ordered the Chicken Taco salad complete with deep fried taco shell, tomatoes, poblanos, avocado, cheese, red onion, tortilla chips all dressed in a wonderfully creamy ranch dressy. It was so huge that Scott took it back to the hotel and he and I shared it the next night for dinner.

When I saw Tilapia Vera Cruz on the menu I knew that is what I wanted to eat. The plate was a wonderfully grilled tilapia fillet with shrimp, scallops, crawfish, spinach and mushrooms in a creamy wine sauce. It was outstanding, so much so we returned to the restaurant again on a separate night and I ordered the exact same thing.  

The Pappa's brothers opened their first restaurant in 1976. They now have 8 unique restaurants in 60 cities in the U.S. I have been to Papadeaux Seafood Kitchen and Papasito's Cantina - I cannot wait to try the remaning six. I am very impressed with their food and service. 

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Sippity Sup said...

"The margaritas are big and tasty. They do their job well!" I should get that printed on a T-Shirt! GREG