Wednesday, July 25, 2012

La Familia Restaurant - Fort Worth, TX

Based on a recommendation from a friend we went to La Familia Restaurant for lunch one afternoon last week. I remember the chips and salsa just being average but the ambiance and greeting outstanding. 

What beats a Pacifico in a cold glass on a hot day? 

Al's Cactus and Bean Soup was outstanding! It was very simple but totally satisfying. One of my favorite things in my Fort Worth eating tour. 

I had heard rave reviews about the Tomatillo Enchiladas filled with sliced chicken. Apparently at La Familia they do not believe chicken should be shredded, huh? I prefer shredded meat in enchiladas, it soaks up the sauce better and makes for a tastier vehicle.  The sauce was very tangy, almost tart. 

Was I overly impressed? Yes and no, you cannot go wrong with atmosphere, cold beer and bean soup. Some days, that is all I need. But other days you want your chicken shredded. Right?  

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