Sunday, July 1, 2012

Katy's Place - Carmel, CA

My brother James and his girlfriend Kate have been telling me about this amazing breakfast place in Carmel for years. We always made promises to visit it after a night of drinking but come the next morning we were not motivated to actually do it. I was in town for our local horse show and rodeo so we decided this was the time to try it! 

I ordered the Crab Cake Benedict because it is a combination of all things that I love: crab cakes, sauce,  runny eggs and English Muffins. I loved this so much so that my potatoes never even got touched. The sauce is perfect, rich and velvety. I was in love with this place on first bite.

This is what Kate ordered. Seriously. I was teasing her she better not order something like this on the way over but she actually did! Kate is a healthy little eater. It was her birthday the day before so I couldn't give her too hard of a time! 

James was like me and went for the Eggs Benedict - Classical style with ham. I enjoyed spending my time with these two. Kate feels like the little sister that I never had. She blends in with our family and makes my brother pretty happy. This was a special morning spent with two people that I love so much, it is rare I get to do it. Perfect.

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