Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fast Food Nation

Scott Good Taste and I are on the road again, this time we are Fort Worth bound! We left home at about 2 A.M. yesterday morning and are currently driving through the middle of New Mexico, The Enchanted State. Scott, myself and Cowboy Ron will be competing at the National Cutting Horse Association's Summer Spectacular Show. 

On this trip we are passing a lot of fast food restaurants and I decided to break it down to you on what I would order if we stop (hopefully soon) and I get to run in and grab a take out bag. I am getting hungry...

What we know as Carl's Jr. is known to others as Hardee's, pretty much the same thing. If we stopped there right now i would order the Fish and Chips, substitute the fries for zucchini. I would ask them to make the fish extra crispy so they cook it a little longer, I hate it when the batter is gummy. I always ask for two tarter sauces and two ranch sauces. It is a pretty tasty little meal.  

We hardly ever stop at Jack In The Box, in fact I can't remember when the last time we have. But if we did, I know I would order the Crispy Tacos. I know they are greasy and a disgrace to all things Mexican food but they are so good. 

Scott Good Taste's favorite thing at McDonald's is the #2 and it was my brother's favorite growing up as well. I always loved the old school McChicken Sandwich but it doesn't taste he same anymore, they put it on the #1 Menu like it is the red headed step child. They do not take the care and love to make it like they used to! So I have moved on and like the Southern Chicken Sandwich complete with crispy chicken breast, pickle and super soft bun.

There is nothing I love more than a drippy, over sauced Roast Beef Sandwich from Arby's. I can remember my friend Fallon and  I splitting the 5 for $5 sandwich special when we were 12 year old girls. It reminds me of my youth and I love that. I always ask for extra sauce because I just love the sweet tang. I rarely see Arby's anymore, I wish there was a more convenient location in my hood so I could indulge in my constant craving!

I do love Taco Bell and there is always one located a stones throw from where we go. I used to be a die hard Burrito Supreme girl, hold the tomatoes and beans. I then moved onto be a calorie conscious teen and would only order a bean burrito because it had a lot of fiber, lower in fat and calories and I could fit into my clothes after eating it. Now, I have taken on a new order: Nachos Bell Grande, hold the tomatoes and beans. I don't know why I don't dig their tomatoes or beans again, it all comes in cycles I assume.

So I just got done writing this post and I am quite hungry. I know somewhere up the road we will stop and I will indulge in one of these many options. Life on the road isn't always glamorous but I wouldn't change it for a thing. 

Have a great Sunday everyone!! 


JustinM said...

If you get a chance to hit up a Chick-fil-A, try the spicy chicken sandwich there. It blows away McDonald's, in my opinion (and I love McD's Southern-style chicken sandwich).

SCOTTYG said...

Arby's has a crispy chicken sandwich, with bacon and swiss. REALLY GOOD, but really unhealthy. Only thing I eat from there. I'm sure you know Arby's is across the street from the mall here in Ventura.

Melissa Good Taste said...

I will totally try those! Thanks for the recommendations :) I know about the Arby's by the mall but the location is a little tricky for me to get into.