Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Flying Fish - Fort Worth, TX

We never need an excuse to go to Flying Fish, we just love it there. This trip Cowboy Ron, Scott and I grabbed the back booth and waited for all our treats to come to the table.

Oysters on the half shell because they delicious and low in calories too!

All fried goodness, not low in calories but totally worth it. Deep fried shrimp, okra and hush puppies. Wahoo. We shared, and enjoyed every bit of this basket. 

 Red Snapper Vera Cruz for Cowboy Ron. It made a beautiful photo but it was sure a lot of work to eat. That is a whole deep fried fish! What a crack up.

Grilled Tilapia made "Snappy" their version of spicy. I love the grilled squash and zucchini. it was very tasty. This was probably the healthiest meal I have had here. I was pretty proud of myself after this one!

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