Saturday, July 21, 2012

Blue Sushi Sake Grill - Fort Worth, TX

Sushi in Texas? Aren't we supposed to be eating big slabs of beef? Oh no, not anymore. Fort Worth has turned into a swanky, food focused town concentrating in the newest and best of culinary trends. I have eaten the best of the best, as far as sushi and Japanese cuisine is concerned and Blue Sushi Sake Grill is a top contender. Upon entry you are greeted by a well dressed, beautiful hostess and start swaying to the hip music playing. There is always a full bar and people hanging out in comfortable couches they have in the lounge.

Do you love Mexican Ceviche? Well, try the Japanese version with white fish, cucumber, shallots, cilantro, lime juice and a healthy dose of black pepper. Won ton chips are excellent accompaniment to the delicate ceviche. This is an excellent starter to the rest of your meal.

River Rocks cook your Beef Tenderloin right before your eyes! You can have it as rare or well as you like! How cool is that?

The Itchy Sisters - Baked Salmon and Sea Bass on beds of crab with a cilantro ponzu sauce. This is probably the best thing on the menu. Two come in an order so we ordered two orders of each type of fish. So good! It is cooked, so all you raw fish nay sayers this is your type of eats!

Hawaiian Poke anyone? Served very simply but it was just so perfect. Do you every notice how less is more when cooking with excellent ingredients? You let their freshness do the talking and you end up just fine.

 And now we get to the rolls! Three excellent selections were recommended to us by Blue Sushi's head waiter. On the left we have "The Beach" a play on spicy sushi with albacore, jalapeno, avocado, cilantro and that same delicious ponzu sauce that is found in many other of their dishes. The middle roll is the "Hot Popper" a cream cheese and smoked salmon dream come true. And the last roll, is the "Black Dragon" totally cool name and the best roll of the night. Topped with tempura fried shrimp, baked eel, black tobiko and then drizzled with a rich, sweet eel sauce. I wanted to order another roll but I was stuffed to the brim. 

Fort Worth has always been known for beef, but it better watch out there is a new sheriff in town, Sushi!

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