Friday, July 13, 2012

Hoffbrau Steaks - Fort Worth, TX

Wednesday night we got done at the cutting pretty late. At nine thirty we strolled into Hoffbrau Steaks and they welcomed us in with bright smiles. Our server was very kind and served us up Perfect Patron Margaritas very quickly. We needed them! 

If you only listen to one thing from my blog, listen to this: Order the Brau Chips. They are fried to order and when dipped in the ranch dressing they are just heaven. Salty, crispy, sometimes chewy. Addicting! 

The Dinner Salad that came with my meal was nothing special. Just your standard, I had only a few bites. 

I was craving beef but I did not want to miss out on my regular seafood diet so I ordered both! Five grilled shrimp and two filet medallions cooked to a perfect medium rare. It was just the right amount of food. The scalloped potatoes were not very good at all, I do not recommend them.

If you want a great light lunch they have an awesome Steak Salad as well. Or, just go for the Brau Chips and Patron Margaritas! I will probably be right there with you.

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