Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Milias Restaurant - Gilroy, CA

The Milias Restaurant has quite the history in Gilroy. In the 1920's it opened as a hotel and restaurant that serviced road travelers of the Highway 101. Booming throughout the 1900's the restaurant was briefly known as "Harvest Time" but now is back as "The Milias" known to by locals. I was in town for a horse show so my parents decided to check out what the restaurant had to offer. It is cowboy chic so I imagine they thought I would find it pretty cool.

Upon first step into the restaurant I realized I had forgotten my noise canceling headphones. Now I am all about lively action during my dinner service but I was shocked that on a Wednesday evening you could not even say your drink order without the waitress not hearing you. My mom said, "I would like a Coke." The waitress replied, "Oh you would like an artichoke?" They had a guy singing in the bar and it was so loud all the other tables had to overcompensate by talking louder and louder until the restaurant was just pounding with noise. 

A glass of wine numbed my eardrums because as we sat around the table I grew less irritated.

Kat started her meal with the Pear, Apple Gorgonzola Salad. It looked very pretty and refreshing, I wish I was more of a salad girl. I like my veggies cooked to a pulp and then pureed into a soup. Kind of like what I ordered... See below!

I ordered a cup of the Soup of the Day. It was Cream of Asparagus and it was very comforting. It did need a healthy dose of salt and pepper though.

Now onto the real food! My mom and both had our eyes on the Pan Seared Sea Bass with Citrus Beurre Blanc. Mom ordered hers with sauteed seasonal mushrooms and rice pilaf. When her plate was set before her she asked the waitress where the pilaf was. I mean that was just white rice. Our waitress didn't reply, maybe she thought my mom was making a joke? 

My Sea Bass had no problems. I ordered the au gratin potatoes and was very happy with my decision. Carby goodness with a cheese filling is basically a winner every time.

My dad ordered the Braised Short Ribs with Creamy Polenta. He is a sucker for polenta and will order it every time he sees it on a menu. He is half Swiss so he grew up eating his grandma's authentic meals. My mom has continued the tradition and makes it with gravy for his birthday and other nights of celebration.

Both Scott and James ordered their personal favorite cuts of meat. They both seemed to be pleased with what they ordered and how it was cooked. When I go out to eat I like to eat things I cannot seem to master at home, I can cook a pretty good steak. Restaurants: spoil me with all your cooking skills! I want tricky sauces, delicate seafood and masterful desserts. 

On the way out we say this sticker on the window it made me think about how I was going to have to call out how loud it was. The food was good, very much so. The service a little disconnected, I think it was mostly because she couldn't hear us. A suggestion would be to maybe create little "rooms" or curtained sections within the restaurant so it can absorb some of that sound and give the diners some relief. So readers, try the restaurant yourself, see what you think. We all are just full of opinions anyway, this just was my two cents. I do have to give any small business props for getting out there and doing it. The restaurant business is so tough! 

 This is just all in a day in the life of Melissa Good Taste. Onward and upward!

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Anonymous said...

A little harsh on the music, maybe you should go back when they arent playing music..