Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rockfish - Fort Worth, TX

Every night is an adventure to find a new restaurant that we haven't tried yet. I had remembered the last time we were here that there was a place called, Rockfish, on the way out of town toward our hotel. We took our seat in the busy, little restaurant and rolled up our sleeves.

I ordered a dozen Oysters on the Half Shell because that is all I seem to be eating these days. They were good, I really like them! 

After the oysters, I ordered the Seafood Tower. It was a ring of crab, avocado and tuna served with plenty of wonton chips and strips of Siracha. It was a simple yet delicious pick. 

Ron and Scott were good little cowboys and ordered salads. This was like a franchise restaurant so I am not sure if we would return, I like things with some original flair. But, don't get me wrong - good, solid food.

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