Thursday, May 31, 2012

Goodbye Circle Oak Equine! - Petaluma, CA

On our last night in Petaluma, Ron and Sara created quite the feast for our crew: including Dr. Carrie Schlacter, the resident vet at Circle Oak Equine. Scott and I were spoiled and got to watch them both cook. I love watching people cook, it is just like watching the Food Network!

Sara sauteing some mushrooms.

Cowboy Ron maning the grill.

Sweet potatoes ready for the eating.

Steaks resting.

Fava beans and pancetta. It was a simple salad and quite delicious - Doesn't the color look amazing?! 

Dinner is served!

How fun! Thank you Circle Oak Equine for being the best hosts, friends and clients. You guys are really one in a million!

Oh wait, we cannot forget about the tequila. Ron and his tequila... This is my baby shot! Down the hatch.

Stay tuned for 2013 Circle Oak Invitational!

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