Friday, May 4, 2012

BUSTER is back!!!

Our dog, "Buster" was taken/stolen from us two months ago. I have been searching and searching for this guy so much I was at the point of giving up. Then a friend of ours called my husband and told him there was a border collie at the Ojai Humane Society. We didn't want to get our hopes up but we hoped and prayed all night and when they opened this morning we were the first ones there.  

It was BUSTER! We got our dog back! He is now safe, sound and with us at the beach! 

I can't wait to introduce him to his little brother, "Willy the Wiener" - he is back at the ranch protecting the porch. Our family of four will be officially complete.

Could this not be a better birthday present for me? I am so blessed.

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