Monday, May 14, 2012

Taco Night - Ojai, CA

When the weather is warm all Scott and I want to do is plan BBQ's. We have the best porch for entertaining and plenty of meat in the freezer so we decided to get to it! If your a fan of Corona or Pacifico, you are going to love Victoria beer. Light, and very refreshing. Give it a try!

Carne asada doesn't need much, in fact just some grill marks and it is ready!

I put together a mix of fixings that we had on hand. I grated cheese, plenty of it because the more the better! Limes and lemons make everything bright so I had some of those on hand for squeezing. And last but not least, avocado. We are so spoiled, we are given avocados by the bag full quite frequently so I usually always have some on hand.

A pan of RANCHO GORDO beans. You can purchase these beans online and I suggest you do. I soaked them that morning and started cooking them an hour previous to the start of our meal preperation. They take up to two hours to fully cook. I started out with bell pepper, onion, spices of all sorts and probably a beer or two for them to cook in. The longer they bubble, they better they are!

Our two helpers liked being on hand in case we had any scraps of carne asada that they could clean up for us!

Dinner is served. The best part about a meal at home is cooking it with your family. Get them involved, it is more fun! Scott doesn't always have time to cook but I know he enjoys it so when he is game, I encourage it! So dust off your grill and get cooking!

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AllThingsYummy said...

I'm loving that grill season is here. Yum!