Thursday, May 10, 2012

Glamping Day #4 - Ventura, CA

Good morning campers! Scott got up and played in the water on Saturday. The waves were small but he gave me something to practice shooting with my camera.

He rode this wave until the end and looked right at me and gave me this look! I thought it was hilarious. What a sport.

This is my paddle board, it is huge! Even though the waves were small it really wasn't too paddle board friendly. Blah! We will go to the Ventura Harbor soon so we can get some really good core exercise in.

Scott made me the best lunch ever! Don't you just love grilled hot dogs? How about with cheese melted on the bun too? What a treat!

Evening rolled in and we were ready to get started celebrating Cinco de Melissa!


We started at The Tavern for a glass of wine. I thought this space was so cool, it was a refurbished Victorian and had an awesome menu. I cannot wait to come try it during happy Hour after a beach day.

So happy.

Next stop, The Watermark. We went to the upper deck and overlooked Downtown Ventura at sunset. it was just stunning.

While enjoying another glass of wine, we also indulged in an order of Crab Cakes. I could not remember the last time that I had them so it was awesome. What a treat.

From there we went to Cafe Fiore for dinner. Scott ordered the Bacon Marmalade Pizza. How cool is that? Instead of marinara they used a bacon reduction. Holy cow, or holy pig really...

The Roasted Carrot Risotto was on special and I went for it. It lacked some flavor but I can't ever turn down this special rice. I am such a sucker.

Creme Brulee was delicious. Don't you love my sparkler? I ordered an espresso to go with it. I savored every bite. It took over 20 minutes for me to finish but I ate every drop.

So this is me, Melissa Good Tatse. Thirty years old. Oh my. I hope to keep this fun blog up for years and years to come. Thank you for following my Glamping/Birthday Adventure!

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