Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Glamping Day #2 - Ventura, CA

Scott and I slept in pretty late because we actually could for once! What an amazing thing, waking up to the sound of the ocean. After a few cups of coffee we were ready to hit it! We planned on biking into Ventura so let me take you there... 

Scott led the way. Who even considers this exercise with amazing views like this? I certainly didn't.

An Amtrak Train went zooming by. I am surprised I actually got a photo of it. I have always wanted to ride the train from Ventura to San Jose. I think the Surfliner will be in my future. Hello, dining and beverage car!

The bike path is amazing. From the beach to Downtown Ventura you are welcomed by all kinds of beauty.

The San Buenaventura Mission - The ninth and last mission founded and blessed by Junipero Serra. Known as the "Mission by the Sea" it is just beautiful. I am partial to my hometown mission in San Juan Bautista though. 

We both were getting very hungry so we decided we need a pit stop at the Busy Bee Cafe. We have walked by this place a million times but have never actually stopped in. I like the feeling of an old timey diner, we had one in Hollister for awhile. It was actually where Ella's Cafe is now, my grandpa used to take us there.

It was the brunching hour but I was leaning towards lunch. I had the Beef Dip with onion rings. The sandwich was served with this terrific au jus. Very potent and worth its weight in gold. There was green chile on my bun and I slid it off. I like my bun soft with the meat, dripping to the point of soggy. The chile was just messing things up! 

Scott had a Scramble with home potatoes and wheat toast. He ate happily but didn't say anything, the satisfied look on his face told me he thought it was ok. We took our apples to go and made our way to shop in Ventura. There is nothing better than shopping to burn off a good meal! Right?

We continued to ride our bikes into the afternoon and loved every minute of it!

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