Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Glamping Day #3 - Ventura, CA

We woke up on Day #3 with anticipation. The night before we got a call that our dog, "Buster" just might be at the local humane society. Buster had been missing for two months so we were almost at the point of giving up search.  

Thank goodness we did not give up. The dog was Buster! He remembered us and his name right away. We spent the majority of the day shopping for new dog stuff for him and just bonding with him. He likes the ranch more than the water. That we did know already! 

The nature walk continued. I spotted some mussels on the rocks and it made me crave the Baked Mussels you can order at sushi restaurants...

I watched Scott surf a little bit and I hopped in the water for a quick cool down. It is amazing as to what sea water does for you. Instant relief of worry and pain. 

We climbed on top of our travel trailer and enjoyed a view beers while enjoying the view. I have to say most people were pretty jealous that we could bring our lawn chairs up top.

Scott then started to begin preparing his Melissa Birthday Feast. He is a great cook but doesn't always have the time or energy to do it. He promised me a great meal so I put my feet up, grabbed my book and let him do all the work. I like how he made little packets out of foil for the salmon to cook, he poured wine, butter and lemon juice in before sealing it up tight. 

Cooking away... 

Me, enjoying watching a man cook! 

Propane fueled our dinner. Good old propane. 

Just as the sun was settling on in Scott was setting our "table" and arranging everything so it was just perfect. 

Doesn't this just look wonderful? I would pay a lot of money for this in a restaurant! 

Chardonnay, lobster, salmon and garlic bread - It was just over the top, indulgance city. I am a lucky lady. My husband loves me very much!

Thank you Scott!!!

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