Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dempsey's - Petaluma, CA

One last meal before we hit the road back to Ojai. We worked the horses in a half day format and really needed to fill our stomachs before we climbed into the Ford 650. So we went to Dempsey's, I have been here with Cowboy Ron before but I decided to share it again with you!

Our crew, they looked exhausted don't they?  

Well, well, well... This will perk a woman right up! This is a Red Rooster brewed right at Dempsey's. It hits the spot and really makes me feel like I am drinking a "man's" beer. There are a lot of caramel malt and it bats in about 6% ABV. 

Shoestring Onions. I was so hungry when we got here I just ordered something the table could hurry up and share. This is what it was and it was delicious. It is amazing what hunger will do to get your taste buds doing cartwheels. But really, it was grease, onion, crunch and salt - all of those things make me smile so, yee haw!

The crew, besides myself, ordered burgers. It sounded wonderful but I wanted to be different, imagine that. Kat got hers with sweet potato fries. Word to the wise, or in my case "Word from the Weis", order the hamburger patty a notch higher than what you normally like it. If you prefer medium rare, order medium - Dempsey's is just a touch on the rare side. No worries though.   

Tacos? From a Hamburger joint? Beans too? Yes, and they were fantastic! Just like you would get off a really fancy roach coach. That good! The black beans were cooked to the point of melt in your mouth, I had no idea I liked beans this much.

This really was our last meal in Petaluma so the next time I see you we will be back in Ojai! 

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