Monday, May 7, 2012

Glamping Day #1 - Ventura, CA

 "Glamping" is the new thing. Taking all your luxuries from home and basically plopping them down in the middle of Mother Nature. It is almost cheating when it comes to camping but let me tell you, it sure makes you very comfortable. We decided to "glamp" at Emma Wood State Beach. It is gorgeous and pretty small so grabbing an ideal spot takes getting lucky, no reservations. We set up camp on Wednesday night and sat down to a cold one. Cheers! 

Great beer! I only picked it at Von's because it seemed like it was the cool thing to do. It was a popular pick amongst the shoppers, this pack was the last one left.

We did not bring our beautiful fire pit, we used one that was existing there made out of rocks. With a little help it was in great camp fire shape!

Scott installed a surf rack on top of the trailer so that is where all our surfboards lived for the week. I thought it was a great idea until we had to lift the boards up! Yikes, stand up boards are heavy!!

It was quite chilly at the camp site and as soon as the sun set, the wind came up and we found ourselves craving a camp fire more than anything. 

I was on cooking duty on Day #1 - So we had pasta. It was easy, quick and simple: Penne, asparagus in a sun dried tomato cream sauce. We ate it outside and could not have had a more enjoyable evening. The setting up and getting there seemed crazy but as we sat there, quietly enjoying our dinner we knew it was all worth it.

Stay tuned in for blog entries through the rest of my Birthday Celebration!

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