Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dinner @ Malone's - Petaluma, CA

After Cutting Day #2 we cleaned ourselves up for a dinner with at Ron and Sara Malone's. We enjoyed wine in their courtyard and I just loved this succulent filled fountain. What a great idea, it is so beautiful.

Who doesn't loved a cowboy boot planter. I would paint it up with bold, bright colors. But, that is just Melissa Good Taste talking...

Sara and Scott...


Cowboy Ron

Melissa Good Taste. That was our Circle Oak Invitational crew this year. Smaller group than other years but it was nice. Small in numbers, but not in enthusiasm is what I gathered. Ok, now onto the food...

Steamed artichokes. Always a winner. I eat and eat until I have reached the heart. Most of the diners threw theirs away at the end of the meal, a complete waste in my opinion.

Potatoe, potato. These scrumptious babies were microwaved and then drizzled with olive oil with a quick roast in the oven.

An experiment that Sara conducted. Fava beans grilled on the grill, then tossed in a lemon infused olive oil and sea salt. Holy moly what fun! After two de-shells each pod and bean you have a succulent blend of finger licking goodness on your hands!

Asian marinated pork tenderloin. Cooked to perfection. Think Rice wine vinegar, ginger, white wine, soy. Delicious!

My plate. I even had another serving of the pork because it was outstanding. I have grown to like pork more as an adult. Although, I think it is more popular now than it ever was. I guess it really is the "Other White Meat" - move over chicken!

And then there is this. Tequila drinking after dinner was what we were up to. It was devine. A super special tequila Cowboy Ron came across. We finished the caramel flavored tequila and I got the final shot. Oh my, this was quite the working vacation! Ole!

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