Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Beer & Wine Only - Ventura, CA

Scott usually never gets a day off. During the week, he is preparing horses for upcoming shows all while maintaining our ranch with its daily chores. On the weekend, he is actually at the horse show competing or helping customers. That doesn't leave too much time for himself. He rewarded himself with one boat day, a day to not be a cowboy. Cheers to that!

Scott loves BJ's Brewery. He wanted to try one of their special draft beers and he went with the Totonka. Which means, "buffalo" - Thank you 'Dances with Wolves'. He loves their menu because there are so many options on the little bite and appetizer menu. The Southwestern egg rolls caught his eye and their was plenty of food on the menu!

The Thai Lettuce Wraps are always good too. We are keeping it light and refreshing around here with these.  

There are many things I love about Scott but one of the main things is he is always surprising me. Whether it be where we are going that day, what restaurant he has plans on taking me, I never have to entertain. He is always thinking of what I might enjoy.

Happy Hour at Brophy Brothers? Yes, please. A glass of sauvignon blanc on the patio was just nice with me.

The Ventura Harbor is really nice, they are celebrating Harbor Day on June 9th if anyone is interested. I am not sure what it entails but if it involves seafood and lots of it, I should probably be there for blogging and eating purposes. You know, all for the sake of the blog. 

I took charge and ordered the Cold Seafood Combo: Peel and Eat Shrimp, Clams (which I do not like on the half shell), Oysters (which I love), a couple ounces of crab meat and ceviche. It was plenty for us because we were just snacking. The wine, this meal, my company... How perfect!

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