Sunday, March 4, 2012

Heather's Bridal Shower - Santa Ynez, CA

The Crompton side of my family is a large one, I am one of seventeen cousins. We all get along wonderfully and relish the time we get to spend together. This special occasion was my beautiful cousin, Heather's Bridal Shower and I was so happy to celebrate the day with her.

The first thing I noticed when I walked in was the food of course. Her friends did a fabulous job with food and decor. The weather was fantastic and it couldn't have been a more gorgeous day off of Baseline Road.

Shannon and Jennifer

The festive party drink was Pomegranate Champagne. Fruit + Bubbles = Good Times.

The party favors were adorable pots of honey. Such a cute idea!

Sweets and wine, you know the basic essentials...

Allison and Melissa Good Taste

Flowers make everything pretty!

Just a few of my favorite nibbles: jalapeno poppers, brie in puff pastry and grapes.

I brought Crush Cupcakes from Carpinteria. They were a hit! If you want a really good cupcake you have to try them!

Let me explain this one. Heather's friend, Lea came up with a game. For every answer Heather got wrong (questions answered by her fiance) she had to: 1. Get a scrunchie put in her hair and 2. Take a jello shot. It was pretty entertaining! I think some of his answers were so sweet, it took Heather by surprise and she made have shed a tear or two!

We played the Toliet Paper Wedding Dress game. Shannon's Team of Jennifer and Allison won.

Three Crompton Sisters...

Five Crompton Cousins!


JustinM said...

What was the location, a private residence or someplace else? I've been to quite a few showers/rehearsals/weddings in the area so I am always curious what else is out there.

Melissa Good Taste said...

Private residence. It was just perfect! I have a foodie posts from my trip that I will post this week.