Saturday, March 17, 2012

PCCHA Trainers Dinner - Paso Robles, CA

Every year during the Pacific Coast Cutting Horse Association Derby the Trainers of the Association host a party for their customers and sponsors. We also celebrate one trainer as the recipent of the Dave McGregor Award. This year these two ladies went above and beyond and created a formal dinner setting for the guest. It looked beautiful, great job Rebecca and Diane!

Dana and I were in charge of tickets and welcoming people into the party. I think we did an outstanding job!

Our lovely table was reserved because Scott won the prestigious award in 2010. 

Elite trainers of the PCCHA serving dinner, you do not see this everyday!

My two favorite Kats: Kathy and Katherine.

The delicious dinner made by the one and only, Bonnie Marie's Kitchen. They do such a great job all week in the snack bar as well as the many parties throughout the week.

Here we are! Cheers to Scott for being such a sport.

The very elite group of trainers that are members of the club - All winners of the Dave McGregor Award. They are recognized for their desire to make cutting a better sport with their hard work, sportsmanship and success in the arena. Congratulations to Todd Bimat for winning this prestigious award last night.

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