Thursday, March 29, 2012

On The Border - Benbrook, TX

We spend most of our time at the Will Rogers Coliseum watching or participating in the cutting. Set after set, run after run, it never gets old to me.

Evening came around on Tuesday and Scott decided On The Border would fit our fancy. We took a seat at the bar, enjoyed Happy Hour as well as the drunken conversation of our neighbors at the bar. Don't you just love that?! 

Scott felt like something light and the Grilled Chicken with vegetables and black beans were just that. He said it was perfect and just what he wanted. It is nice to leave satisfied with your order! 

I went with this heavy hitting meal because it contained a stuffed deep fried avacado. How much fun is that? Served with a chicken enchilada with cream sauce as well as rice and beans. Holy moly, deliciousness! I ate and ate until my Tommy Hilfiger bootcut's starting to bust. I need to slow my roll!

All in all, On The Border seems like a better Chevy's. I would go here again for the Seafood Enchiladas, I wanted to order those but changed my mind last minute. The avocado sold me!

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SkippyMom said...

How do you not weigh 200 lbs? I kid, I kid - I know you get a ton of exercise - but you do have your favorites among the heavy meals.

The zucchini & chicken is right up my alley. I cannot wait until we can start picking it fresh out of the garden. I will eat it for breakfast lunch & dinner & never get tired of it. Alw ys sad when zucchini season ends.:(