Monday, March 5, 2012

Solvang Restaurant - Solvang, CA

We woke up from the shower ready to rock and roll our way out of town. We needed some sustenance before hitting the road so Shannon led us to the Solvang Restaurant. 

Our waitress does have a smile on her face but she is a feisty one. Before you can spit out what you would like she is on her way... But, wait! I want a soda... crickets.

Crispy bacon is my favorite so I was happy to see my pork well done. The hash browns were extremely disapointing. I do not know a single soul in the world that does not like their hash browns done on the side of well than rare. COOK YOUR POATAOES, please. The eggs were just fine. 

Swedish Ebelskivers were ordered by my Aunt Carolyn and she gave me a bite to try. Basically, a pancake in a ball. Dipped in the jam was pretty much heavenly. 

You know, I don't really like breakfast as much as I used to. I like to save my calories for later in day and I really don't have enough of an appetite in the morning to make it worth it. But, I like spending time with loved ones so I will go anytime they want to.

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Anonymous said...

Danish, NOT Swedish!!!

Love from DENMARK!