Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Flying Fish - Fort Worth, TX

We got settled into the horse show yesterday and finally got an opportunity to explore the eats in Fort Worth. You know how much I love seafood so Scott took me to this special place. It doesn't look like much but I am always game for a dive or two. 

It is wholesome and functional. Step up and order your meal, take a number and find a table. 

My husband ordered the Grilled Tilapia plate with squash, rice and beans. He ordered it "snappy" which means spicy here. He loved it and said it hit the spot. We love grilled fish!

 Melissa Good Taste saw gumbo on the menu and had to order it! Topped with a scoop of rice, plenty of shrimp and sausage - it was spicy and fantastic!

I was feeling sassy and wanted to slurp down some oysters so I ordered a half dozen. Briny and delicious; I slapped on some hot sauce and down the hatch they went!

There was so many more things on the menu that I wanted to try so I will be back before my show is over! Crawfish, calamari, chowder... I will be eating you!

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SkippyMom said...

I love the "Lent Central" sign. I wish I could buy it and hang it in my Beloved MIL's home. She would get such a hoot out of it. I don't know how she does it, but she gives up potato chips for Lent. And is very faithful to it. She loves potato chips so much I gifted her a "Potato Chip of the Month" subscription for a year. She thought she had died and gone to heaven.

Glad you are there safe. Good luck!