Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Big Bubba's Bad BBQ - Paso Robles, CA

Hey there bloggies! We are in Paso Robles for the week for a horse show. Scott and I haven't been to Bubba's in quite some time so we wandered across the street and met up with Kat for some BBQ.

Inside the restaurant it is cleverly decorated with a bull included. If you ride the bull I am sure you get some sort of prize, fame and notoriety of course!

I ordered the Beef Dip with Au Jus and it was very good. I was quite shocked because I didn't have too high of expectations of the food. The au jus was outstanding. I will be back to enjoy this sandwich. Order the Texas Taters and dip them in ranch. Yes!

For a casual meal this is a great place to pop into!

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