Monday, March 26, 2012

Whataburger - Texas

If you have ever been to Texas you know Whataburger. I have been before and have to admit they put out pretty decent fast food. It wasn't until my lunch today that I realized it was really great! My last five meals have been fast food so I am feeling pretty nasty. As we trudge onto Texas we just want easy, quick and simple.

 I took a chance and ordered the Patty Melt, it was super! Loaded with grilled onions, smothered in creamy pepper sauce and housed between twin patties of beef and Monterey Jack. This bad boy boosts 1050 calories so I feel like I will have to do a master cleanse as soon as we settle in Fort Worth. Only 231 driving miles to go!

1 comment:

SkippyMom said...

You're moving right along. Good for y'all.

I find when we road trip I have to have a cooler packed with fruits, veggies and crackers/cheese to offset all the decadent fast food we tend to eat. If you aren't used to it it can make you sick. [Found that out the hard way with the kids.]

But, I wouldn't say no to that burger. :) I need those calories- just not all the sodium.

Arrive safely. Good luck!