Monday, March 3, 2014

Papa Lennon's - Meiners Oaks

 While my brother and Kate were still in town we took them to one last place for their final lunch before heading out of town. I suggested Papa Lennon's for quick food and so they could head out over the 150 and onto the 101 Highway. You order at the counter and then find your seat.

James started off his meal with a House Salad filled with apples, feta, walnuts all dressed nicely with balsamic dressing. He said he didn't want to eat "frou frou" food but it looks like someone ordered just that!

He did step up his game and order this great looking pizza, BBQ Chicken. I am not going to lie, I had a bite and it is legit. Scott tasted it too and was disappointed he didn't order it as well.

Kate and I both got the Wonton Chicken Salad. I get mine without tomatoes and extra wonton strips but Kate had hers original style. I hope she liked it as much as I do. I just wish they offered it in a variety of sizes, I can never finish one and the thought of taking home soggy wonton salad never excites me so it usually goes to waste.

Scott ordered the Caesar Wrap and hated it. It took them 10 minutes to bring him his food, after ours was already served and it just fell apart on the first bite. The bread was not meant to be held bite by bite so it ended up just being an open faced salad with grilled chicken. Must definitely not a wrap!

Bye for now Cowgirl Kate! We hope to see you soon!!

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