Friday, March 28, 2014

Flying Fish - Fort Worth, TX

Whenever we make the trip to Texas we eat here at least 4 or 5 times. It is located just down from the Will Rogers Coliseum where the NCHA Super Stakes is held. Cowboy Ron loves this place but he is not due in for a couple days. I couldn't wait any longer for my first visit so Scott and I went in together for a late lunch, early dinner.  

You order at the counter, they give you a buzzer and you find your seat. I know the menu by heart and usually start off with some gumbo but I was at a complete loss on what I felt like. I am always up for oysters but was also craving a fried basket of seafood. Oh the choices... 

Scott went with his usual stand-by the Tilapia Tacos "Make It Snappy" which also means "spicy". He loves them so much that I think that is all he orders here. He also thinks the beans and rice served together is just the bomb.  

I was a complete glutton and went for a basket of grease. Deep fried oysters, shrimp, fries and two hush puppies all washed down with tartar sauce and ketchup. I ate the whole thing and actually felt a little guilty and a smidge nauseous as we walked out to the truck.

As I counted the calories in my head I also remembered all the work I busted out all morning and afternoon without stopping to have a decent meal or snack before this. I don't recommend skipping meals and then ingest your entire caloric intake in one sitting but sometimes in this business you don't have much choice. As I write this it is 8:11 P.M. Texas time and Scott is fast asleep and I am not too far behind. Good night all, eat well... I will do better tomorrow! 

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