Monday, March 17, 2014

La Mexicana - Paso Robles, CA

 Whenever Scott and I go to Paso Robles we always crave at least one night of fine Mexican food. We visited other places that did not do the trick but after my foodie research, I convinced Scott that I may have found a place. Upon sitting down we were greeted with freshly fried, salty chips. Sold. The salsa was ok, but didn't match the quality of the chips. 

We happily ate our chips while I looked around the restaurant. It housed a cool mural and had a homey vibe. Not the most chic decorations but I had a feeling that they could really bust out some good food.

Scott read my mind and asked the waitress if they had a different salsa in the kitchen to bring out. She replied, "Spicy." And we both said, "Bring it." She was not lying, it cleared your sinuses but it had a smoky, rich taste that left your nose running and coming back for more. 

I ordered the pozole because it rarely on menus anymore. If you catch it on a rare weekend somewhere, you score. This pozole was outstanding because it was filled with quality portions of clean, meat. I do not like sifting through fat and skin, that is what menudo is for. I loved that it is served with tostadas with refried beans. 

Scott Good taste ordered the grilled fish to make his version of fish tacos. With tortillas on the side he happily assembled each one. I have to give it up to the perfectly grilled and seasoned vegetables. You do not get that in your average Mexican joint.

So we have found it, our very own favorite Mexican food in Paso Robles. We love the place and happy to call it our own. We returned a total of three times throughout the course of the week and got the same great service, food and value every time. Sold.

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