Friday, March 7, 2014

Painted Cabernet & Cielito's - Santa Barbara, CA

So Lindsay wanted to go to the Painted Cabernet for her birthday and I was so excited to join in. I love to paint! The State Street location in Santa Barbara put us in close proximity to food, drinks and dancing - more on that later...

I took my seat and started staring at previous works of art by past students, I was getting a little nervous.

With our instructor at the front of the class I started to feel like I was back in school. A fun school of course, but still school.

With the $40 entry fee to the class you also get a complimentary glass of wine. I guess it makes it makes you more artistic... Or care less if the painting doesn't come out "just so".

The birthday girl, Lindsay did a great job! This is her Japanese wave. Each session is a new subject so you can determine when you want to go based on what they are painting. Their monthly schedule is posted on their website.

My Japanese Wave.

What a great experience. I recommend for any girl's night out, date night or just by yourself. It is fun to accomplish something and then hang it in your laundry room. That is where all my paintings live. Some are really ugly but I feel a sense of pride looking at them.

Next up dinner! Janelle and Nichole scouted out the restaurant earlier in the week and gave it a thumbs up. Cielito's tucked in an alcove on State Street proved to be just the place to prepare us for a night of dancing - wait, what?! Dancing?! More on that later...

The margaritas were potent and doing their job. Almost too well. We needed food stat!

Chips, salsa and guacamole. I think I could live on these three things alone. They were all good so I was coming back around to the land of the living. The crab cakes I had as an appetizer earlier in the day seemed like a long, long time ago.

I had the Seafood Enchiladas filled with crab, shrimp, jack and manchego cheese. The sauce was a creamy tomatillo sauce and they were very generous with it as you can see. No beans were on the plate just a nice serving of rice. It was just what I wanted, in fact I shared with Nichole and it was great.

We then wandered down to the Wildcat Lounge to burn off some calories...

We danced until they closed up shop. We danced every song, belted out lyrics and laughed our butts off. I have not had fun like that in a long, long time. Waking up the next morning I then realized why I have not had a night like that in a long, long time - well, because it is painful the next day. It was worth the time spent with good girlfriends and making happy memories!

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