Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cajun Kitchen - Ventura, CA

I am not normally a breakfast eater as I am not usually hungry until about 10:30 or 11. I usually can make it until lunch and then really go big to make up for both meals. I know it probably in not the most healthy but I am just really being honest. Scott woke me up wanting to go out to breakfast after our crazy rainstorm and I couldn't say no. With VC Reporters in hand we sat and ordered up at the Cajun Kitchen in Ventura.

Scott surprised me by ordering a waffle and fruit. I feel bad that I have all capability to make him waffles and I never do it. I had no idea he loved them, the thing you learn along the way... He said it was more than he could handle and did his best to conquer it. It looked beautiful.

I ordered like a man had dug into some shrimp, grits, and andouille sausage. i asked for my egg to be over medium - whites cooked, yolk runny - but it came out over hard so I just ignored it. I made my way through the buttery grits, with bites of shrimp and sausage with each shovel. I tried to make it to the bottom of the bowl but I didn't do enough damage. It was tasty but I  felt a heart attack coming on so I stopped. 

So this breakfast place is pretty cool. You grab a seat, they rush you with coffee or water and your order is taken within minutes. I never think to go there for lunch but I do want to come in to explore more of there Southern flair... 

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