Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ranchin' - Ojai, CA

I have been ranchin' at the Ranch House consistently once a month for the past few months. First we went for our wedding anniversary, then to take Cowboy Ron and now to celebrate James and Kate's first of hopefully many trips to Ojai. I was even reviewed by a newspaper reporter a few weeks ago to describe my thoughts on the restaurant. 

Yay! James and Kate - They were ranchin' at the Ranch House too. 

A nice glass of Frog's Leap Cabernet and a bowl of their terrific Chicken Tortilla soup was the beginning to a beautiful meal. In fact, this could have been my entire meal and I would have been perfectly happy.

I can't believe I didn't order the scallops. I always order the scallops but that evening I was not as hungry for them as I have been in the past. Maybe because we have been regular diners there and I have worn out my craving, I hope not! I ordered the crab cakes and asked to be served to them as an entree. It was perfect.

Scott went all ducky again and ordered the Duck. It was a large portion, he did not finish it and even shared it with James. He didn't seem to high on it, in fat he wished he ordered the salmon. He ordered the salmon on our last visit and didn't stop talking about it for days...

James and Kate both ordered the chicken and seemed very pleased with their selections. I cannot believe that non of us ranchers didn't order a steak at The Ranch House. How could we?!

I wonder if they are going to be excited to see me next month? 

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