Friday, March 21, 2014

Bistro Laurent - Paso Robles, CA

The last day Cowboy Ron was in town we celebrated with his friends on his job well done. He was the Non-Pro 7&Up Reserve Champion and was the 200,000 Limited Champion on his horse Scamper. It was Friday night, during a wine weekend in Paso Robles so finding a table for 6 last minute was a challenge but nothing Melissa Good Taste could not handle. I had never been to the French restaurant, Bistro Laurent before so it was going to be an adventure! 

The host suggested we all participate in the Tasting Menu, we thought that was a great idea and sat back and waited in surprise as to what each course would be. A roasted onion and goat cheese toasted baguette came out first. It was a lovely start to our meal.  

A seared scallop salad came out next with shaved beets and spinach. It was delicately dressed and toped with fresh chives. You know I am a sucker for a tasty scallop so this course pleased me.  

This by far was the best dish of the evening, blowing all of the competition away. A moist, piece of halibut perfectly seared in a bed of braised lentils and bacon. I ate every single bite and licked the bowl clean. If this is on their regular menu, order it every chance you get. 

Short Ribs in a tasty gravy and roasted potatoes proved themselves decent but nothing to drool over. it was just food at this point when being compared to the fantastic halibut in the course before. 

Wines were served by the glass with every course, they left some on the table for me to blog about. I felt all were fantastic and well suited with each plate of food. It is an upgrade on the tasting menu but well worth it. It really felt like a complete dining experience. 

The cheese course was next and I was in heaven. I love interesting, funky cheeses and these were for sure those. Some of the table was turned off but I was all about it. Sipping a nice wine and sampling artisan cheese was a fantastic way to spend my evening.  

I am not going to lie, I was hoping for something custardy or maybe chocolate for dessert but we got something a bit more wholesome. It tasted like a soft granola bar, topped with a lemon sauce and fantastic whipped cream. It did not satisfy that sinfully delicious dessert craving that I had within.

All in all, Bistro Laurent was an excellent experience. The dinner was sustenance and entertainment all in one. I love the drama of being served course after course and wander what is going to come out next. it is a little on the pricier side but if reserved for special occasions it is very much worth it. 

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Clever Girl said...

I love Bistro Laurent and go there whenever I'm in Paso. I go there for lunch because I prefer it over their dinner, which had a different menu when I last visited. Amazing apple beignets...mmm!

I also love, love, love Villa Creek across the street. Best carnitas tacos I've ever had! They also make excellent wine.