Monday, March 24, 2014

The Oak Grill - Ojai, CA

By living in a cute little resort town we have the options on where we want to dine. Two extremely nice options are found at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa so we took our pal Cowboy Ron in to the Oak Grill to enjoy an evening on the patio. All three of us were in the mood for Pinot Noir so I was the boss and gave it the ok.

All three of us all wanted to start with something before our main courses came. I of course went for the Chicken Tortilla Soup it was perfectly tasty and filled my body with a bowl of warmth. It was a chilly evening and soup to me is like a pair of fuzzy socks.

Scott is gaga for corn like I am for soup so when he saw the Grilled Corn Salad on the menu he dove head first. Avocado, arugula, grilled peaches, pickled onions with a tarragon vinaigrette rounded out the plate. it should have been delicious, Scott should have loved every bite. Sadly it was lack luster, maybe because corn is out of season, i told him hang on until summer.

Cowboy Ron always orders a Caesar Salad and it makes me smile every time because he gets extra anchovies. I love anchovies so much. I sometimes forget it too. They would make an excellent snack in Melissa Good Taste down time.

I was craving a big piece of well cooked fish and when I saw Scottish Salmon paired with ricotta gnocchi it made my heart swoon. The crispy, seared salmon was perfectly prepared and went nicely with the cauliflower and roasted tomatoes served. This is a most order.

My two cowboys both ordered the Wild mushroom Ravioli bathed on a sun dried tomato sauce and onion compote. They both thought it was delicious and licked their bowls clean.

We all had wine left in our glasses so we decided a rich chocolate dessert would help us finish it up. The chocolate cake served with ice cream did the trick. It took a little too long for the dessert to hit our table so we were less excited about it as it finally hit our table.

Other than the dessert taking a little too long, the meal itself was a hit. We are beyond blessed to have such a luxurious meal with people we love.


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