Friday, January 10, 2014

Tao Tao's - Sunnyvale, CA

I couldn't kick my Tao Tao's Chinese Food craving from the day before so my Mom and I tried again to score that yummy food! Success! We waited until dinner service on Saturday and even had to wait in a line forming at the door! It is that popular!

We ordered our meal to go in exception to the Tao Tao Salad and a drink to wait. I have read on Yelp that people are ga-ga for their Mai-Tai's. i had never had one before so I figured with my mom behind the wheel, I would give it a go. Holy moly! Do not order it, it is strong! No wonder people love it! it is like three cocktails for the price of one! Very, very potent.

The Tao Tao Salad was excellent. I love it because it has a hot mustard taste, but then is light and airy. The chicken is fried and has a chew to it. Their are cashews in the salad that give it texture, as well as the puffed rice noodles. I wish someone made Chinese Salad as good as Tao Tao's... Does anyone know of a place?

All boxed up and ready to go. We know what to order, this never fails: Two orders of Tao Tao Beef, Sweet and Sour Chicken, Pork Fried Rice, and Chicken Salad... That is all you need.

We brought the goods back so my Dad could enjoy a nice dinner. He was craving the Chinese food from the day before too. I love Tao Tao's - Where are all the good Chinese food restaurants Southern California?!!

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sandy said...

ooh that's almost in my neck of the woods, I haven't tried this place, but I do love a good Chinese chicken salad, especially if they have the spicy mustard in the dressing (ala Mings in Palo Alto). I'll bookmark this spot.