Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pedro's - Santa Clara, CA

My family at home all gathered at Sky High Jump Park in Santa Clara to burn off some off our Christmas calories. We jumped, while taking breaks, for two hours. I am sure we burned off lots of calories so a nice lunch at Pedro's was definitely in order.

It was decorated in pretty Christmas decoration but what made the space the most beautiful was the charming Spanish style. I love a Spanish adobe!

They brought out the chips and salsa and we dove in head first. I preferred the green salsa to the red.

The guacamole was nice, and everyone got their fill.

I saw salmon with mole sauce and creamy polenta on the menu and it had my name all over it. The salmon was cooked lovely but my one gripe was they left the skin on. I would have preferred a clean bite to soak up the sauce and polenta all in one bite.

My sister ordered the Verde Enchilada's and she too seemed to enjoy each bite. The rice came out green because it was cilantro rice! I love when rice gets "playful"... All in all, everyone seemed to enjoy their food. I know my Mom enjoyed a burrito, James liked his skirt steak, Kate had a salad and John had sizzling fajitas!

It was a lovely day. I would for sure would go back to jump off my naughty eating!
Jump, jump, jump... FLIP!

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