Thursday, January 16, 2014

Arch Rock Fish - Santa Barbara, CA

I love a good Happy Hour, it provides a nice meal or snack with excellent prices and supreme food. Yelp, recommended while I was in Santa Barbara getting my car serviced that I go to Arch Rock Fish to take advantage of n Happy Hour special of $5 off my bill. Sweet!

I saw Oysters on the menu and decided to go for it. It was a warm day and cool oysters really hit the spot. They were Blue Points, not my favorites - Kusshi's are - but they were nice anyway. 

I was still hungry because oysters never fill me u, so I decided to try an order of Crab Cakes. They came out like little discs, perfectly formed. They were very tasty, kind of heavy but i didn't mind it. i was hungry and they were filling. 

It was just a short visit, I was in and out to hit State Street to do a little window shopping. I would return, it was clean and atmosphere very chill. It is on a side street and parking can be tough but that sums up Santa Barbara no matter where you are!

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