Sunday, January 5, 2014

Tres Pinos Inn - Tres Pinos, CA

When I started my blog over five years ago it was because I was raised on great tasting food. The journey to find new exciting restaurants was one that I went on with my family. That same journey continues on today. On my Christmas break, my brother James, Kate and I went in search of a fine dinner - this time at the Tres Pinos Inn. 

Kate and James started off their meal by splitting a salad - Butter Lettuce, blue cheese, pomegranate and candied walnuts. It looked lovely and set the mood for a great night.

My entree came with both guns blazing! The portion size of the Calamari Steak's were outstanding! The white wine, caper sauce was delicious with every bite of the squid. I love mashed potatoes with everything and this dish was no exception. 

Kate chose her filet to be crusted with pistachios! I loved the idea! She loved every bite. She normally orders chicken so to see her go outside the box inspired me for future trips... Maybe next time i will oder something other than seafood! 

James had his filet come as prepared and was cooked to a beautiful medium rare. He requested rice to their usual mashed potatoes and it made me feel bad for being such a glutton.

I could not finish my meal so I took it to go and this is how it was brought back to the table. A swan! So pretty.

Kate and James split this beautiful bread pudding as I greedily devoured creme brulee. I love custard! I could eat it at every meal.

This evening was a lovely one. I don't get many opportunities to have leisurely meals with my family so when I have the time I take full advantage of it. 

Thank you James and Kate for a fantastic evening!

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